Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

Please take some time to read Our Client Testimonials and Appreciation ........

  • We had listed our house in Brampton, Ontario with few Real Estate Companies in the past who merely wasted the whole time and gave us false hope. We were nearing our deadline to sell it so that we can take up our new house from the builder when one day my office colleague referred Sayed to us. Sayed took the listing, suggested some minor update in the house, advertised and did the first open house, that is when he not only SOLD the house but got us 7% more than the asking price. I was thrilled and delighted. Since then my friends and family members have all been very happy with Sayed's honesty and style. ( Amanda Nicholson, Brampton)

  • Sayed was a God sent person to help us SELL our residence quick and fast with absolutely no problem at all. I can with no doubt at all recommend Sayed to anyone. (Leslie & Brad Whiteley, Mississauga)

  • I must tell you Sayed has some magic, some charm that how he negotiates and closes the transaction so well. On one hand he helped us SELL our house and on the other he found us our real dream place. You must meet Sayed. You really don't know what you are missing. ( Frank Bergson, Oakville)

  • I have known Sayed for a very long time and I have experienced the skills, courteousness, and his ethical approach in all my deals both in residential and commercial transactions, from restaurant to a flag hotel. Sit down with him and you will soon know what I mean. He is the right person for any real estate deal on this planet earth. I wish him and his family well. ( Heder Esker, Willowdale)

  • Commercial real estate are tough transactions particularly when you are SELLING or even BUYING a GAS STATION. Not for this pro, Sayed is so good in writing up Offers, Clauses, conducting Due Diligent, Negotiating and finding the Right Funding. I will never hesitate to recommend Sayed at anytime to anyone. ( Patrick Wong, Richmond Hill )

  • When time came to close the transaction for a Strip Mall which I was buying in Toronto, I found myself short of $200K and my solicitor gave me only 90 minutes to raise this short fall or to lose my Deposit and get sued for the damages. Sayed as my Buyer Representative went crazy on the phone to find the $200K and I owe him big time, as he loaned me all his commission (interest free for one year) plus managed to get the balance as a short term second mortgage. We closed the deal 18 minutes before the Land Registry office closed for the weekend. ( Victor Thompson, Vaughan)

  • Sayed, his staff and his brokerage will always listen to you, explain to you all the details of the documents, professionally and timely execute it, negotiate and win you the deal exactly how you want it, as they know very well how to close any transaction. They are a small real estate brokerage but have proven that " any larger real estate brokerage is NO BETTER than them. " They have excellent liaison and team of trade people in areas like Mortgage & Private Funding, Home Staging, Home Inspection, Storage & Movers, Renovators, Legal Consultation etc. ( Rajish Patel, Hamilton)